The international portal rates Arena MRV as the most technical stadium in Latin America – 09/03/2021

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The new stadium Atletico, MRV Arena, which is still under construction, is still praised. The hot spot was the international portal “Coliseu”, which covers stadiums and arenas all over the world and has an active community dedicated to professionals in sports and leisure facilities, creating better and more profitable venues.

The Colosseum stated that the Atlético Stadium is The most technical in Latin America. In the article that was produced, Leandro César Lopes Evangelista, CIO of the MRV Arena, was interviewed, who said that the site would also be used as a multi-purpose arena, for shows of up to 60,000 people – and the stadium’s capacity for football matches would be 46,000.

Among the most discussed topics, the technology included in it was commented on 5G internet On site, which can also be a tourist area. Among the technological devices present in the MRV Arena, there will be Built-in Wi-Fi to supply up to 60% of attendees even in crowded places on game days.

Moreover, the Colosseum highlights that the MRV Stadium was designed based on the ideas observed in other stadiums around the world and also the experience that can be experienced in theme parks and resorts in Dubai.

– Arena MRV decided to take pages from the stadium books as the home of Tottenham Hotspur – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium With a capacity of 62,850 in London (UK), which offers excellent Wi-Fi facilities in your location, high-density 6G Wi-Fi, Dubai Parks and Resorts Like “their entertainment brand is the best and we can learn from them how to provide an exhilarating fan experience while you’re at the venue.”

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In addition, there will be platforms on social networks that will facilitate the purchase of tickets, visualization of seats, reservation of parking spaces, concierge, promotions, etc. The publication also states that “The technological journey of fans entering the MRV Arena in Brazil is sure to become the talk of the town and will draw other fans into a fury.”

Recently, Arena MRV reached today 500 of construction and reached 35% of work completed.

Rafael Menin, President of MRV and one of the 4Rs – Atlético’s group of sponsors – hailed the published post and confirmed that Atlético’s home will be the newest in Latin America. paying off:

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