Pix worth R$1,412 will be released on BB and Caixa on Monday (15); find out if you will receive

Pix worth R,412 will be released on BB and Caixa on Monday (15); find out if you will receive

In July, the PIS/PASEP payment calendar will bring important news for Brazilian workers. With the responsibility for distribution being undertaken by the federal government, Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, this benefit, which targets those who worked in 2022, remains an important source of financial support for millions of people.

The qualification process includes pre-determined criteria, with monthly salary (up to two minimum wages) being a determining factor. This financial support is expected to help the budget of many workers facing different economic situations in the country.

Pix released on BB and Caixa: What will be the impact on PIS/PASEP payments in 2024?

It is expected that around 24.5 million workers will be covered by PIS/PASEP payments in 2024. The vast majority, around 21 million, are private sector employees who will benefit from PIS, paid through Caixa Econômica Federal.

The salary allowance/Pasep is for public employees or workers in state-owned companies and is paid by Banco do Brasil.

This payment not only provides immediate financial assistance, but also contributes to the economic stability of many Brazilian families.

Who is included in the July payments?

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In July 2024, the salary bonus will be distributed to workers born in September and October. This deposit is part of a phased payment plan, ensuring that all beneficiaries receive the following as scheduled in the official calendar:

  • Born September – July 15;
  • Born in October – July 15;
  • Born November – August 15;
  • Born December – August 15.

For those who want to check their eligibility for a salary bonus, technology seems to be a great ally. The digital business card application (Appearance memory that it internal control Department) is a useful tool that provides all the necessary information, including the amounts to be received and the exact receipt dates.

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Distribution of values ​​based on working time

  • 1 month of work: 118 Brazilian reals
  • 2 months: 235 Brazilian reals
  • 3 months: 353 Brazilian Reals
  • 4 months: 471 Brazilian Real
  • 5 months: 588 Brazilian Reals
  • 6 months: 706 Brazilian Reals
  • 7 months: 824 Brazilian Real
  • 8 months: 941 Brazilian Real
  • 9 months: 1,059 Brazilian Real
  • 10 months: 1,177 Brazilian Real
  • 11 months: R$1,294
  • 12 months: R$1,412

Salary bonus PIS/PASEP It has made great progress in helping workers overcome financial difficulties and improve their quality of life.

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For more information about PIS, workers can download the file Caixa Trabalhador application. In this app, you can access allowance details, check the payment calendar and learn about available installments.

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