Peru again allows flights from Europe other than the United Kingdom, and eliminates the need for segregation of tourists

Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications is improving as of today, despite the declining vaccine levels on the old continent and the suspension of the use of the astrogenic vaccine by some countries, such as Denmark or the Netherlands. , Which raised the ban on passenger flights from Europe, although it will maintain restrictions on those coming from the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa or those who have been in those countries for the past two weeks.

The requirement for compulsory 14-day isolation for all tourists has also been removed, and they must present a PCR test with a negative result for COVID-19, which is carried out within 72 hours of boarding, which will be performed when one of the antigens arrives in Peru.

“The Peruvian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, recognizes its permanent commitment to the tourism sector and its contribution to the introduction of our millennial culture in the context of the twentieth anniversary of independence,” he said.

“The adoption of these new measures is in response to the current health emergency changes, which are permanently assessed to protect the health of citizens,” they added.

As for the domestic market, the government will no longer require PCR tests for travelers going into the country’s interior, but they will still have to fill out a health certificate.

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