Paulo Sousa comments on the squad with Gabigol and Pedro together

Paulo Sousa comments on the squad with Gabigol and Pedro together

The flamingo Won Sporting Cristal-PER for Editors. Coach Paulo Sousa made some changes to the team in this match. One of them has been the squad since the start of the strikers Gabigol and Pedro. The Portuguese talked about both performing together.

“I will remind you of some of the words I said before I arrived in Rio about my idea of ​​dynamics so that I can use Pedro and Gabi together. Give me the confidence that I can do it.”

Paulo Sousa highlighted the change in Gabigol’s style with Pedro’s entry. The captain praised the striker and sent a message to Tite, the coach of the Brazilian national team.

“Gabi, as I said in the last press conference, showed an ability to understand the game and also an interesting tactical display for my teammate Tite so that he could analyze and have fun. The commitment of the two is fundamental to the process of having both strikers on the field more consistent,” he declared.

Flamengo prepares to face Fluminense, on Sunday, in the Maracana, in the Brazilian Championship, at 6 pm (Brasilia time).

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