Paran strengthens ties with the UK for partnerships in education and the environment

Paran strengthens ties with the UK for partnerships in education and the environment

Camila Donnett / Deputy Governor

Paran’s key projects in the fields of education, higher education and sustainable development were presented to representatives of the United Kingdom in Brazil this Tuesday (6). The virtual meeting, chaired by Deputy Governor Darcy Piana, aims to bring the two governments closer to fostering future partnerships in strategic areas.

The initiative is part of a move to bring the UK closer to Brazil, which has no embassies. Initially, Paran, Bur and Bahia were selected as priorities. The meeting marked the beginning of a close relationship, by figuring out which points could work together to create cooperation.

“This initiative is part of the British Government’s effort to make a greater impact on its plans in other Brazilian states. Ambassador Lisa Wheaton explained.

The Deputy Governor said that the Government had always had good relations with the United Kingdom and that the new relationship would bring benefits to both parties. He recalled last week that there was a virtual technological mission between Baron, the Aravugria Foundation and British scientists to create new partnerships in the areas of health-centered education, innovation and research.

“We want to bring technology and integrate their best to help partnership with our state universities and our academia. This is fundamental to our growth,” he pointed out.

The interim ambassador pointed out that the British government has acted with five basic priorities in Brazil, which will serve as a guide for future action. They are: Promoting ambitious climate obligations, reducing sanctions, promoting science, improving public security and ensuring open communities by strengthening democratic values ​​and reducing inequality.

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“Paran’s results are very interesting, especially in the fields of education and the environment. I am very happy to work together. I think we have a lot to contribute,” Wheaton said.

Environment The Vice-Governor, good relations between the governments help to show the world the stability of Paran because the United Kingdom is hosting the next United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP26. The event will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November.

“The next climate meeting will be in the UK. We need to show what Paran is doing: produce sustainable food. We have to sell this film, which is different from what Europeans generally ask about our country. We need to be consistent and explain there. Here, we produce, but we preserve it, Piana said.

துாதரகம் In addition to the embassy (in Brasilia), there are four embassies in the United Kingdom, located in S பாo Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Recife. Other regions, such as Campinas, Curitiba, Florianpolis, Porto Alegre and Manas, have co-ordinators.

Dams The meeting was attended by Secretary of State for Education Renato Federer; Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Tourism Trucio Nunes; Louis Mascarenhas, Advisor (General Superintendent of Science, Technology and Higher Education), Chetty’s Division of Information and International Relations; Eduardo Perrin Manicuet, General Superintendent of the Partnership in Baron; Adam Patterson, Honorary Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Guerrero; And regional engagement officers at Paran, Larissa Vasquez and Livia Pesso.

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