Pain can prevent people from running and even walking

Pain can prevent people from running and even walking

a Plantar fasciitis It is one of the injuries that most people suffer from these days. It is characterized by inflammation of the sole (or sole) of the foot, usually associated with excessive movement in this area.

Understand what plantar fasciitis is and how it can affect activities

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According to the personal trainer Samuraispecializing in 3D movements and exercises, there are two most common foot shapes that can cause this problem: a flat or “flat” foot, or a foot that has a very high sole, both of which have little mobility.

Plantar fasciitis: why does it happen and how to avoid it?

According to the specialist, if the leg muscles are tense or short, the relaxed and tense movements that characterize walking and walking are not performed normally. This, in turn, forces the foot to play a role that it does not have, which generates tension and thus inflammation.

The expert points out: “When inflammation occurs, the symptoms are severe, such as stabbing pain under the foot and near the heel, which prevents the person from running, and even walking in chronic cases.”

He adds, “The pain is usually more severe in the morning, but it eases during the day with walking. There can be several causes, including a herniated disc or pressure problems.”

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Samurai explains that another problem that can lead to inflammation is hip extension that is not enough to perform a full walking motion, and therefore does not assist the foot when walking, which ultimately leads to tissue stress in the area.

“This is also the case with the core, which corresponds to the torso and abdominal area, which needs to be properly activated during arm movements when walking. Therefore, this area cannot be too rigid or too weak so as not to burden the foot.”

Some measures help prevent the problem, the most important of which, according to employees, is that the body be balanced, harmonious, trained in all its functions, and carry out its tasks in an appropriate manner.

“Moreover, I think it is important for people to walk barefoot more, and not wear other people’s sneakers. It is very common that brothers grow up and sneakers are passed from one person to another, but this makes one person’s feet addicted to the other’s mistakes.” He points to.

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“Another important point is for people to remain more active and pay attention to emotional issues so as not to be ‘difficult’, or almost easygoing, because this may show that they are trapped in some emotional problems,” adds Samurai, who also specializes in 3D training, and studies movements. The body in three dimensions, and is able to identify the different causes that lead to plantar fasciitis.

“The location of the pain is not always the location of the cause of the problem and this is what must be discovered,” the specialist concludes.

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