Paid WhatsApp: Premium plan arrives with additional business functions

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During the conversations event, from Goalheld this Thursday (19), The The WhatsApp Advertise a paid version, with additional functionality, focused on business. Available to users WhatsApp BusinessThe company confirmed it The app will get free cloud hosting and more features. However, the subscription values ​​for the WhatsApp premium plan have not been disclosed.

what new paid whatsapp plan It brings, in accordance with the objective, the possibility of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) owning additional tools. Among the new features, the company has highlighted this Companies will be able to create personalized advertising links. For example, a business can create a link “‘, leading to further standardization.

The WhatsApp Premium plan ensures more functionality for businesses.

In addition, WhatsApp Business is also expanding so that businesses can manage more devices at the same time. Until then, in the free version, a WhatsApp Business account can add up to four different devices, while The premium version, which is optional, will allow you to add up to ten simultaneous devices.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta and co-founder of Facebook, confirmed that WhatsApp Business can be used by “any company, of any size, around the world with the WhatsApp Cloud API.” The new API still comes with “Free and secure cloud hosting service provided by Meta“.

WhatsApp Cloud APIThe new WhatsApp API includes the hosting service provided by Meta.

The company notes that, for companies and developers, the API makes it easy to implement so that they start working more quickly on the platform. The service also aims to get rid of servers’ fees and the like.

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Great Expectations for WhatsApp Business

The expectation of WhatsApp with the Premium version is so high, that this was one of the most important features of the presentation. Last Thursday (12), the company launched an official Twitter account for WhatsApp Business Since then, he has been commenting on the event, inviting users to stay updated with the news.

Zuckerberg mentioned in his letter that “more than a billion users” already connect to a WhatsApp Business account “every week”. The company anticipates that with the global opening, the number will increase even more. However, WhatsApp understands that not all small and medium businesses should use the WhatsApp Cloud API in their business. The API, such as subscribing to a Premium plan, is optional to use.

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