Nubank: Find out how to take advantage of a credit card through “escrow”

Nubank: Find out how to take advantage of a credit card through "escrow"

a nubank It launched a pre-approved credit card in February. The new product, with a limited “guarantee”, allows the customer to choose their own limits to improve their financial habits and build a more favorable credit history. The tool is ideal for those with low or negative scores on SPC and Serasa.

To use the card in the credit function, the user needs to deposit an amount he wants into his fintech digital account and transfer it to the maximum limit of the card. Even if the product does not come with a limit, the customer can get the credit he wants just by adding money.

Novelty is often confused with a prepaid card, however, the user can use it in any organization that accepts payment by credit card. Instead of receiving a limit from the bank, the consumer himself creates a margin to spend on purchases.

In addition, an invoice is generated every month that the customer pays. However, if you want to pay your own limit, it is possible, but a new credit must be created. Also, the limit that has not been breached can be recovered if necessary.

How to apply for a Nubank card

The warranty card is not yet available to all customers as it is in the testing phase. However, if there is an “Add a limit” option on your app’s homepage, the product will be released to you. To join it, follow the instructions below:

  1. By clicking on the “Add Limit” option, choose the amount you want to transfer from the account to the card limit;
  2. Then read and agree to the terms and conditions;
  3. Confirm the operation by entering the 4-digit password;
  4. ready! Now just use the card in the credit function.
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