New scam clones cell phone chip and steals money; Know how to protect yourself | technology

New scam clones cell phone chip and steals money;  Know how to protect yourself |  technology
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Cell phone chip clone scam

A new scam driven by data leaks allows criminals to clone cell phone chips and the ability to impersonate other people and implement various other scams.

The scam known as SIM Swap is moving a phone line from one SIM to another. “It is a common consumer habit to use the same number when buying a new device or losing their SIM card. For this to happen, we need to contact the operator and transfer our data, and this is the time of the fraudster era,” explains Gustavo Montero. AllowMe platform manager manager for digital identity protection.

To complete the scam, the criminal uses the leaked data to impersonate the victim. That is, he buys a new SIM card, contacts the operator and pretends to be the owner of the line, passing on all the data necessary to own it. Gustavo sums up: “It’s as if someone has cloned your cell phone.”

With the action of the chip, the criminal can apply the most diverse types of blows. “He will be able to call all his contacts pretending to be you. Scams can not only happen through calls, when he has his SIM in hand he can receive the WhatsApp registration code on the new device and will be able to talk to his contacts, View old conversations and even make backup copies of photos and messages. By accessing his phone, he can enter an e-commerce application and make a purchase with his credit card already registered on the platform. In the delivery and transportation applications. In short, there are countless frauds,” he said. says the specialist.

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How to protect yourself from cloning chips

Gustavo gives some tips so that their cell phones are not cloned. The first tip is the same as used for other scams: use strong, unique passwords. Thus, even with access to your chip, the criminal may have difficulties in gaining access to your accounts on websites and applications. Also, enable two-step authentication on all apps, which provides an extra layer of security.

Another important tip is to activate the SIM card’s PIN and PUK codes. These two codes protect your SIM card, blocking it if the password is incorrect.

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