New PSN Users Get Banned Immediately Without Reason

New PSN Users Get Banned Immediately Without Reason

Many PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users comment on reddit That their new PlayStation Network accounts are banned immediately upon creation and contacting Sony Support does not explain why.

Some users have tried creating multiple accounts across different devices with multiple email addresses, only to receive instructions to reset their passwords and then be greeted with a message telling them that their account has been blocked.

The problem appears to be global and the capabilities of a blocked IP account or controller have already been excluded.

skylinemonkey wrote: “The support agent was very helpful and confirmed that the account was temporarily banned” reddit. “He agreed that the temporary ban was unusual because the account was new. He escalated my issue to some experts and said the ban would be lifted within 24-48 hours.”

“To protect your account from potentially suspicious activity, it has been automatically temporarily banned,” he said. LindV. “We need to ask a few questions to confirm your account and make updates if necessary.”

It is unusual for new accounts to be immediately banned for the above reasons. The issue appears to be affecting a few users, but it is certainly not an isolated incident.

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