Neighboring cities have set up a center to treat the consequences of COVID-19; Brusque’s suggestion stopped

Neighboring cities have set up a center to treat the consequences of COVID-19;  Brusque's suggestion stopped

Health Minister Osvaldo Quirino de Sousa explained that the project of the Covid-19 recovery center in the city of Brusc is on hold. Initially, the structure was expected to operate since September last year at Dom Joachim Hospital. The initial suggestion, however, was It was rejected by the Municipal Health Board (COMOSA), which considered the value too high.

The Ministry of Health is awaiting a counter-proposal from the hospital, which has not yet been submitted. Raul Sevinsky, Director of Dom Joaquim Hospital, clarifies that the institution, at the moment, does not intend to provide this service because it does not have a physical structure due to the business in the entity. So the city is currently looking for a new alternative.

“Our representative is going to an interagency health meeting, because the state government will evaluate the allocation of funds to open this center. We still have a few resources to move in that direction. When we reduce expenditures with the triage center, we can also reallocate resources and invest in this segment. necessary,” says the Minister of Health.

a Azambuja Hospital is conducting studies to implement a post-Covid outpatient clinic. According to director Gilberto Bastiani, many of the patients who were taken to the hospital have left, but returned to the hospital weeks later with other serious symptoms. In this case, the secretary explains, the initiative goes back to the organization that can provide the service to the secretariat.

Structures are already in operation in Gaspar and Itajaí

In Gaspar, a rehabilitation center for COVID-19 began operating on May 31. Eight specialists from various fields were assigned to work on the site, including a dietitian, psychologist and physiotherapist.

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To be treated in the new space, the patient needs to find the health unit in the Kolonina district and undergo a medical evaluation. As needed, the professional will make the referral so the patient can get access to the center and teams. In addition, the city’s health strategies have begun looking for patients who have already contracted the disease to determine their entry into the program.

The Post-Covid Rehabilitation Center has been operating in Itajai since December 2020. The structure houses a multidisciplinary team of about 10 people in the Dom Bosco district. In the unit, motor, respiratory, and emotional effects are treated, such as chronic fatigue, loss of muscle mass or muscle atrophy due to hospitalization, voice consequences, difficulty breathing, depression, and anxiety, among others.

About ten professionals work in the temple in Itajaí | Photo: Marcos Porto/Itajai City Council

Blumenau should start service this month

In Blumenau, expectations are that Service starts in the first half of this month, in a building in the polyclinic Universitario da Forbes, in Fortaleza Alta

The partnership between Universidade Regional de Blumenau and the municipality has been studied since January of this year. The goal is to focus care on survivors of the virus who still need to deal with post-Covid symptoms.

Initially, the intention is to serve at least 160 people per month. The Municipal Health Department will fund the care in the amount of R$200,000 per month.

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