Rosberg’s team defeats Hamilton Extreme e | Serious and

Rosberg's team defeats Hamilton Extreme e |  Serious and

The Rosberg X Racing team, driven by Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, won the Extreme E season this Sunday.

The Extreme e Champions – Photo: Advertising / Extreme e

The winner of the race went to Louis Hamilton’s X44, which was represented by doubles Christina Gutierrez and Sebastien Lope. The AX 44 season was tied with Rosberg X Racing for points, but lost in the number of wins.

Christopherson and Taylor only had to reach the top 4 of the Jurassic X-Brix to take the title. Molly Taylor had trouble with her vehicle during the race, but Christopherson finished fourth, which was enough to win the first title in the division.

X The site chosen by the race direction for the creation of the Jurassic Bricks is the site of the British Defense Ministry’s military installations in the Bowington area of ​​Dorset County. The total length of the route is 3.8 km.

The area is located on the English Channel and is called the Jurassic Beach because it collects rock formations over 155 km long, dating back to the Troasic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, about 185 million years ago. This place still has beach and lush rocks.

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