Murillo Hoff cries surprise of Marilia Mendonca’s brother and mother at the premiere after the tragedy; Watch

Murilo Huff Show

A night full of emotions… Murillo Hoff He returned to the theater at dawn on Saturday (04), after about a month Marilia Mendonca dies. The singer was very touched by receiving a beautiful surprise, when Gustavo Mendonca, the brother of the Queen of Soverencia, went up on stage with his music partner, Dom Vitor.

The show in Brasilia (DF) produced by Morello, was discontinued, when the surprise was announced. “We want to disrupt your show a bit and bring two people to this stage. They have come to honor you at this very important moment.”Said a member of the sertanejo team. Shortly thereafter, Dom Vitor and Gustavo surprised Marilia’s ex-boyfriend, who could not hold back his tears and was supported by the pair. look at me:

“Thanks for the surprise brothers, I love you!”Huff wrote while sharing the special moment on their social networks. During the show, the trio sang some songs, such as “Um Dia Te Levo Comigo” and “Querendo Te Amar”, in addition to the song. “calculator” Partnership with Dom Vitor and Gustavo Marilia Mendoncawhich was released on Friday. Watch some excerpts below:

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Women Ruth Moreira He was also present in another special moment. Marilia’s mother surprised her daughter’s ex-husband with a video that was shown on the screen, wishing the artist good luck in this new beginning. “Hello Morello! I stood up to say that I am a big fan of your work, and I wish you all the best in the world. May God bless you, may God grant you success in your projects.”Little Liu’s grandmother said.

Morello also spoke about Marilia at a certain time during the show, and asked everyone to remember the star for all the joy she had in getting on stage. “I think we came here tonight to be happy, to be happy. The point here is to remember her smile, on stage, and to convey the joy to you – the most she’s done in her life and what I’ve known best”, He said.

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The musician even left strong advice to the audience. “If I could leave you a message: a hug, a kiss, your boyfriend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your dad, your mom, while there’s time. Because it’s too bad to know you can never repeat it”He said, who also thanked him for the opportunity to get to know Marilia more closely. “I am honored to have lived a few years of my life by her side, and to see her doing what she did up close.”, Completed.

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Throughout the night, Sertanejo also moved the audience by including Marilla songs, such as “De Quem É A Culpa?” And the song he recorded with his ex-girlfriend, “Dois Enganados”, on the music show. Watch:

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Hours before the premiere since the tragedy, Morello commented that it wouldn’t be easy, but he would have to get back to work. “Already on the road. Today is the day to take another step on the road called moving forward. It won’t be easy, I know, but it’s not impossible either. Let’s believe in Godwrote on Twitter. the singer Marisa, who is a great friend of Marilia, also showed her support. “Friend…God bless this day and be with you this moment! You have a beautiful goal of making your fans happy! Focus on it! I wanted to be with you right now, but I’m going to stay here, sending all the love and all the positive energy! I’m a fan of you”She said.

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