Neymar criticized by foreign press over nightclub affair: ‘He lives as if he were single’; look

Neymar criticized by foreign press over nightclub affair: ‘He lives as if he were single’;  look

Betrayal is the topic of the moment – ​​not just in Brazil. With the release of a video Neymar At the club, he talks and hugs a woman Barcelona, ​​SpainThe international repercussions were not in the player’s favor either. In addition to talking about Bruna BiancardiShe is pregnant with the athlete and said she was “disappointed,” as the foreign press reported on the matter.

The news appeared mainly on European portals, where the player lived before moving to Saudi Arabia. For the Spanish site Brand, Neymar “lives as if he were single”; According to the Daily Mail tabloid, the player is a ‘party boy’ and the photos are compromising.

The second alleged betrayal case involving Neymar and Bruna Biancardi was not as talked about as the previous one, which made headlines in the mainstream sports media. See what the portals said about the case:

Daily Mail confirms that Bruna is “extremely pregnant” and describes Neymar as a “party animal”

British tabloid newspaper daily Mail He highlighted the reaction of Bronagh, who is “extremely pregnant”, “after pictures of the attacker with two different women recently emerged”. In the headline, the portal also called the athlete a “party animal.”

The Spanish portal Sport says that Neymar has not changed his habits

When reporting what happened, the Spanish website stated sports Reinforces that player ‘In the eye of the hurricane’ He’s only a month away from becoming a father. Furthermore, it was stated that Neymar “did not change his habits” even after moving to Saudi Arabia.

“Live as if you were single,” says Marca’s sports website.

Spanish portal t brandHe also highlighted the news. “personal life [de Neymar] “It doesn’t seem to be settling,” he said. When referring to rumors of infidelity, the site asserts that “the list is very long indeed.” “What is clear is that he lives as if he were single,” the text says.

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Neymar and Bruna Biancardi filming: Clone / Instagram / @brunabiancardi

English website Sportskeeda reinforces the “worrying timing”

To the site sportskidda, The news was a “particularly worrying moment” due to the end of Breonna’s pregnancy. The newspaper reported, “The relationship between the couple was already under the microscope earlier this summer when the Brazilian striker made a surprising move to join Al Hilal.”

First Sports describes Neymar and Bruna’s relationship: “tumultuous”

On site Sportz firstNeymar and Bruna’s relationship is described as “turbulent.”

“Now, with these latest antics, fans are curious to know what’s going on in the couple’s relationship,” it read.

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