More UK professionals turn to LinkedIn to enhance their careers | Red Journal Contable

More UK professionals turn to LinkedIn to enhance their careers |  Red Journal Contable

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. The best public social media tools, LinkedIn is undoubtedly rated the # 1 social networking tool for professionals.

After knowing superficially, it is not difficult to see why.

When you join the Center, you will be part of a community of over 600 million users; That number will double in the next 5-10 years.

However, despite its popularity, the Center is not yet used by job seekers, often allowing active users to build and build more advanced networks than those who have not yet registered.

Create new business links easily

All social sites have one thing in common, the ability to quickly create new links, and the center is no exception.

In fact, the center goes even further, providing instant “suggestions” about who you can connect with and making those links surprisingly easy. In fact, it is common to add 50 to 100 new links per week.

Unlike other social sites, it is not necessary to know this link personally. Since most LinkedIn members have gone through the same process, many will be willing to accept your invitation without competition.

Many of these links will be recommended based on your profile set up with suggestions using smart indicators such as companies you worked for, similar businesses, people you worked with, people you worked with and so on.

Drop your old resume

ITouch Professional Solutions, a leader in curriculum services in Sydney, Australia, now serves as a dedicated center writing channel instead of traditional curricula, helping clients across the UK and Australia.

“Because of the way LinkedIn sets up every profile, it is easy for employers to continue one’s life and avoid the need to start over. Profiles can be sent as a link and / or downloaded to a PDF, ”explains Roland Coombs, Director, IDAC.

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There are other sections where you can upload files and examples of your work (if appropriate) and specific target capabilities.

In addition, LinkedIn provides sections for recommendations, endorsements and testimonials.

Access hundreds of jobs and specialized jobs in the UK on LinkedIn

It is now estimated that more than 90% of UK external selectors (i.e. recruitment agencies) use LinkedIn on a daily basis, and more than 50-60% of HR and internal recruitment managers use the platform (again, this number seems to continue to grow).

A significant number of jobs are also “exclusively listed” by LinkedIn as employers look for new ways to improve the quality of employment.

Employers prefer LinkedIn because the jobs advertised by regular sites such as, and attract the most applications, but the 10% conversion rate is 5% of the candidate’s suitability.

Through the center, the suitability and conversion rate is very high (30-40%), which saves recruiter time and provides access to the most relevant candidate lists.

You can only apply for center vacancies if you are a registered user, and many vacancies will now use your center profile instead of your traditional application.

Research new business opportunities

As more and more companies and organizations continue to publish content such as news feeds, it is easy to keep business growth up to date.

You can see who is moving into the markets, who is changing jobs and what are the new developments.

Due to the way the center is set up, each company can quickly identify key contacts and access them if an opportunity arouses your interest.

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Stay active and join center groups

LinkedIn groups provide the opportunity to participate in active discussions and forums with specific interests.

These groups and forums are a great way to find out what’s going on in your industry, answer questions, make suggestions for discussions, and engage.

Soon, these team members may become part of your professional network.

There are many news feeds you can subscribe to. These feeds can be read by your login or emailed directly to you, providing quick access with minimal effort.

Make sure your Center profile writer updates your data to make sure you are the best when someone is browsing your profile.


Searching for candidates is one of the most lucrative activities used by employers and recruiters.

LinkedIn’s platform is smart and easy to quickly hunt down and search for candidates based on industry type, status type, location / area and other keywords.

Each week, LinkedIn provides statistics on who viewed your profile, so you can receive requests from employers looking for talented people to match your profile at any time of the year.

Advertising yourself

Do you have a particular interest in graphic design, copyright, website development, PR communications, active blogger? LinkedIn is a great way to improve and publish your work and get feedback from like-minded experts.

This is a great way to test new products and get new ideas. You will have the opportunity to see the work of others and provide your own feedback.

Find out who viewed your profile

Another great feature of the Center operating system is the ability to see who is viewing your profile and how many times a week your profile is viewed.

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By contributing to forums and evaluating the effectiveness of your center profile, this is a great way to discover the impact you have made on what changes you can make to increase and improve profile visits.

These figures can be very useful if you are more and more active.

Explore LinkedIn premium

The big advantage of the center is that it is free!

However, those who want to use the “premium business features” can access them with a monthly subscription.

LinkedIn Premium offers advanced features not available on a fixed account, such as advanced profile metrics, ‘Inmail’ opening, published jobs, market research and statistics.

At the time of this writing, LinkedIn has offered free trials, if you will use these features or are satisfied with the existing offer, that is, the best way to find the free version.

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