More than 70% of women in the United Kingdom have been sexually harassed in public – El Garibe newspaper

UN A recent study by women warns that 71% of women in the UK are subjected to some form of sexual harassment in public. This figure rises to 86% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24.

The study also revealed distrust of the authorities because only 4% of women reported incidents of harassment to official bodies, while 45% said complaints would not change anything.

Data were collected from a study of more than 1,000 women.

“This is a human rights crisis. It is not enough to keep saying ‘this is too complicated to solve’, it is important to look at it now,” he said. Said Claire Barnett, managing director of Britain for Women. “We are in a situation where younger women are constantly changing their behavior in an effort to avoid being targeted or attacked, and older women express serious personal safety concerns if they leave the house in the dark even during the winter.”

Safe Places Now as part of the project, the organization collected stories and ideas from more than 1,000 women and sent an open letter to the owners and managers of public places asking for the best design of these sites, the best education in this matter and the most effective ways. To report sexual harassment cases.

“We have seen very strong results in other parts of the world. Now our problem is that in the UK we sometimes think we are leaders in terms of progress, forgetting to work on the GPV that happens every day in the world, especially for women and marginalized groups,” Bornett concludes.

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