More than 30,000 cases and 86 deaths have been reported in the UK in 24 hours

Doctors warn of new infections and call for prevention

Oh The British Department of Health and Social Welfare announced on Thursday that 30,215 new Covid-19 cases had been detected in the past 24 hours. Six days in a row the country now has over 30,000 cases daily.

Another 86 deaths are due to be recorded from yesterday. Overall, there are 5,982,581 infections and 130,086 deaths in the UK.

The overall incidence was 270.5 cases per 100,000 population.

The number of daily admissions is declining. Currently, less than 6,000 people associated with Covid-19 are hospitalized in the UK.

As for the vaccine, 73.5% (38.8 million people) of the British population already have 88.7% with a complete vaccination program against Kovit-19 and the first dose (46.9 million).

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