Ministers even complain about Guedes’ bias

Ministers even complain about Guedes' bias

“The reason why this forum presents itself as a living example is that democracy stems from institutional opposition.”

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Louise Fu, on the “productive institutional relationship” of ministers

Ministers even complain about Guedes’ bias

The political and social ministers rebelled against Minister Paulo Guedes (Economy), complaining about the lack of dialogue and even biased reactions against politicians, especially from the Northeast. Not hearing about decisions affecting their portfolios, they decided to take on Guedes in their field, hence the technical study in which they showed that the recent increase in IOF is not necessary.

clear isolation

Paulo Guedes faces an apparent isolation in the government, exacerbated by the recent increase in the Israeli occupation forces, against the considerations of other ministers.

CPMF do with

Guedes’ reaction to the ministers’ initiative was to threaten his version of the CPMF. The squadron is considering increasing the IDF to 0.1%.

neural pen

The Minister of Economy seems to have liked the ease of increasing the IOF rate by decree, without having to go through Congress.

I’m tired

When faced with a challenge in extended meetings, Guedes always threatens to claim the hat, a strategy that weighs him down with Bolsonaro.

Brazil outperformed UK immunizations this week

Brazil ended the week by vaccinating more than 70% of the population against the coronavirus with at least one dose, and with a daily rate of 1.5 million doses, the UK should pass in the next few days. The first country in the West to start immunization, the British have about 72% of the population vaccinated, but it is progressing very slowly, unlike Brazil, which has decades of successful vaccination campaigns.

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without a break

To understand the Brazilian vaccination pace, we started September with 63.7% and increased to 70%, while the British were from 70.5% to 72%.

Ali logo

After overtaking the UK, EU and USA, the next Brazilian “target” is Canada, where today 76% of the population has been vaccinated.

on the podium

Brazil ranks third in vaccination rate in South America, after Uruguay and Chile, which have 78% and 77.5%, respectively.

rare praise

The IMF board praised Brazilian officials for their “political response” to the pandemic, which significantly reduced “the severity of the recession and mitigates its impact on the poor and vulnerable.”


If the PSL/DEM union flourished, it would have 82 deputies on the council. Since the 1988 constitution, the largest caucus of Democrats (then the PFL) was in 1998, with 105. In Lula’s first government, Labor allowed 91.

Measurement matters

Currently there is only one party block in the room, bringing together the Professionals, the PSC and the PTB. The bloc consists of 31 federal deputies, which is the tenth largest seat. Democratic Party (formerly the People’s Liberation Front), with 28 deputies, is the eleventh.

100 million delivered

With more than 4.5 million doses of AstraZeneca delivered to the Department of Health last week, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) crossed the 100 million vaccine mark for the campaign.

popularity is mine

Senators from the Rede de Marina Silva, one federal deputy party, Randolfe Rodrigues (AP) and Fabiano Contarato (ES) voted for the PEC, blocking popular participation in the bills.

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Investments on the rise

The Federal Government’s Partnership Investment Program (PPI) has already called for $100 billion in new investments in Brazil, recalls Fabio Faria (Communications), after Bolsonaro’s speech at the United Nations.

The numbers don’t lie

Brazil is responsible for emitting only 1.3% of the world’s greenhouse gases. By comparison, China is the world’s largest polluter: 31%. The USA (13.4%), the European Union plus the UK (8.7%), India (6.8%) and Russia (4.7%) closed the top 5 polluting countries.

important progress

The Confederation of Carriers celebrated the approval of the 5G auction. For Conexis, this represents an “important step towards strengthening Brazil’s role in the global map of the digital economy”.

think well…

… It wasn’t until Bolsonaro spoke to the press again that the drought receded and it started raining in Brasilia.

strength does not appear


Useless gifts

Werner Becker, a lawyer later admired throughout the country, was a chancellor to the opposition in Porto Alegre, during his early years, and lived at odds with an Arenista provocateur, Jorge Gularte, a former sergeant known for his brutal reputation. Once, during a discussion in the plenary, Goularty tried to ridicule the fact that the honorary Baker was fond of whiskey: “I will offer you something useless: a glass of milk!” Werner Becker reacted in the bush, to a general laughter: “And I’ll show you a book!”

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