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Whether you are a customer or a merchant, you hardly realize that today, It is no longer sold directly in the store only. It is possible to focus on physical space Products and their delivery to the consumer, but product sampling in no way remains related to the window.

From small businesses to large retailers, messaging with product offerings can and should be done. Whoever has the money to expand the strategy is already using more daring tools than leaving a smartphone with customer contacts in the hands of an employee. The tactics advances through cloud computing and generates R$50 million in impacted revenue per month.

The great result is the result of the digital transformation it has made Arezzo & Co. At the height of the pandemic, the group created an app of its own, not to serve customers directly, managing sales, goals and distributing offers by sellers, targeting the type of product and offer that a customer usually liked and boosting sales results from it. which – which.

With the platform that works on CloudThat is, it does not generate additional expenses with the development of the technological infrastructure within the company – based on external service providers – with the support of Amazon Web Services, the company already has 2.2 million activations per month, with 30,000 links published per month and 4,500 employees who organize their sales through Platform.

Murillo Gofti, Arezzo – Ricardo Hara Studio

“Now we are in a time to determine how the platform will evolve. We serve sellers, but we can also introduce another aspect or even introduce new features close to the seller ecosystem,” says Arezzo Head of Digital Business, Morello Goveti.

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It is no coincidence that Arezzo’s strategy worked. According to an online survey conducted by The WhatsApp In 11 countries (US, France, Germany, UK, Spain, India, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam), to understand opinions about business messages, Brazil is among the countries where consumers see the most value in messages used by businesses to talk to their customers.

Given the local cut, 77% – compared to the global average of 66% – of online adults agree that messaging is the preferred form of communication with the company. Furthermore, 70% – which is also a global average of 66% – of online adults send messages to the company at least once a week.

With these numbers in mind, it is understandable that the consumer is not necessarily disturbed by the company’s communication via messages, especially when what is about him is assertive and allows him to make a purchase he may not have the opportunity without being “impressed”.

Arezzo & Co has brands such as Schutz and Anacapri in its portfolio, and today the portfolio includes 17 brands in 3 different business segments. In recent years, the company has built shoe brands like Vans Brasil, as well as Reserva, Carol Bassi and Baw – to reach the most diverse audiences.

In the first quarter of this year, Arezzo & Co digital sales, taking into account all brands, were 41% higher than the same period last year, totaling R$ 223 million.

Net income for consoles grew more than three times, to R$98 million, compared to the same period in 2021. Meanwhile, net revenue was R$839 million, up 68% from the reported amount in January-March of last year.

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