TCU and the decree to provide R$ 1,412 from the base year PIS 2023! Impact on the working class!

TCU and the decree to provide R$ 1,412 from the base year PIS 2023!  Impact on the working class!

Benefit from the salary bonus Law and Justice Party/PASIBis expected to move 1.9 billion Brazilian reals In 2024, it will serve as essential assistance for many Brazilian workers, in addition to being relevant to the country's economy itself. This financial support not only helps directly Families to maintain their budgetsBut it also encourages the circulation of money in the national economy.

A special PIS/Pasep release is planned Pay attention to deadlines and eligibility criteria, Ensure that beneficiaries Make the most of this birthright. In this context, understanding the eligibility criteria and payment schedule is essential for anyone hoping to obtain this benefit.

How will PIS be paid in 2024?

Payments are scheduled to begin on July 17, 2024, and it is important for workers to be aware of the specific release dates depending on their birth month. Payments will be made directly into clients' accounts Caixa Economica Federal For non-account holders, there will be the possibility of withdrawing funds from branches or via the Caixa Tem application.

PIS 2024 Calendar:

PIS 2024 salary bonus payment has begun! Check the official calendar for the exact date of your payment, which varies by month of birth.

Birth month payday
January From February 15, 2024
February From March 15, 2024
March and April From April 15, 2024
May and June From May 15, 2024
July From June 17, 2024
August From June 17, 2024
September From July 15, 2024
October From July 15, 2024
November From August 15, 2024
December From August 15, 2024
PIS 2024 payment calendar:

Who is eligible for PIS 2024?

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To be entitled to a salary bonus, you must:

  • You worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days in base year 2022;
  • Earn up to two minimum wages per month on average during the base year;
  • Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years;
  • Report your data correctly by your employer in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS).

TCU and PIS/Pasep: Lula government requests review

Lula's government sounded the alarm over the government's decision Federal Court of Audit (TCU) To advance the payment of PIS/Pasep salary bonus. A change that would reduce the waiting period from two years to one year after obtaining the right, may result in a loss 30 billion Brazilian reals In the 2025 budget.

Understanding the impact:

  • Less money to invest: Early repayment of PIS/Pasep may harm investments in key areas such as health, education and infrastructure.
  • Public services are at risk: The government fears that the lack of resources will affect the work of the public apparatus and the provision of services to the population.
  • Financial crisis on the horizon? A deficit of R$30 billion could worsen the country's financial situation and make it difficult to control public debt.

What does the government want:

  • Review the decision: Lula's government asked TCU to reconsider the decision to pay the salary bonus in advance.
  • Alternatives: The government is looking for alternatives to reduce the financial impact of this measure, if it continues.

stay in:

Follow PIS/Pasep news and find out how this decision could affect your pocket and the future of the country.

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PIS 2024 Salary Allowance: Find out if you qualify and how to consult!

Are you curious to know if you are entitled to the PIS 2024 salary bonus? The waiting time is over! Now you can easily check if you are one of the beneficiaries and how much you will receive.

Consult PIS: Digital Business Card Application:

  • Download the app and access the Benefits section to check if you are entitled to the benefit.

PIS Consultation: Portal

  • Go to the government website and log in with your account to view your information.

Consult PIS: Caixa Tem application:

  • If you already receive social benefits through Caixa, you can check PIS 2024 directly in the app.

PIS Consultation: By phone:

How to withdraw your PIS/Pasep in 2024?

Withdrawing your salary bonus is simple by following a few guidelines:

  1. Use the Citizen Card at ATMs or Caixa branches with an identity document.
  2. At Casas Lotéricas and CAIXA Aqui, provide the necessary documents to the host.
  3. Through Caixa Tem, check your balance and use the withdrawal options available in the app.

Staying on top of these guidelines and deadlines is crucial to ensuring you don't lose your benefits. Plan ahead to use these essential resources offered by PIS/Pasep and improve your financial situation in 2024.

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