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Amika, the humanoid robot from British company Engineered Arts, impresses with its resemblance to humans. The invention features smooth, realistic movements and advanced facial expression features.

In announcing the invention, the company claims that Ameca “was specifically designed to be a platform for the development of future robotics technologies.”

The creators also point out that the chassis is the ideal robot platform for human-robot interaction. “Our focus is on providing you with innovative technologies that are dependable, scalable, scalable, and easy to develop,” the ad adds.

All Ameca units can be operated independently. This way, it is possible to have one head or one arm, and no need for a full robot. Moreover, all the structure data is available in the cloud.

The bot also allows for future updates. It will be possible to change its physical structure and update the software. It will be officially launched in 2022 and will be available for purchase and rental for events. However, the company has not released prices yet.

Despite all the technologies used in the invention, the robot is not able to walk. According to Engineered Arts, “There are many obstacles that must be overcome before Ameca can walk.” However, the company plans to upgrade the capabilities of the invention over time, so that one day it will walk.

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