Brazil drops two places in the 2022 Human Development Index rankings

Brazil drops two places in the 2022 Human Development Index rankings

The country moved to 89th place on a list of 193 countries; However, performance improved after two years of decline

Brazil fell two places in the Human Development Index (HDI) ranking, according to a report released on Wednesday (13.03.2024) by United nations (United Nations National Organization). Now the country occupies 89th place on the list prepared by 193 countries United Nations Development Programme (United Nations Development Programme).

Despite the change, Brazil has returned to growth after two years of declining HDI. However, it is still at a lower level than in the pre-pandemic period. The index measures data such as life expectancy, income and education, and ranges from 0 to 1. The closer to 1, the better the performance in this regard. here complete From the survey (PDF 5 MB).

Data collected for preparation classification It is from 2022. The country achieved a rating of 0.760. Before the pandemic, Brazil ranked 84th on the list, with a score of 0.766.

Despite this, the country is still slightly above the global average, at 0.739. The level gives it a place in the group of countries with a high Human Development Index.

See the variation in the Brazilian Human Development Index since 1990:

Compared to the rest of the world, the Human Development Index has progressed, but to an uneven degree. According to the United Nations Development Programme, recovering from the pandemic years has been difficult “Partial, incomplete and unequal”.

In the list of 193 countries, Switzerland (0.967), Norway (0.966) and Iceland (0.959) are at the top. Somalia (0.380), South Sudan (0.381) and the Central African Republic (0.387) came in last places. Regarding South America, Brazil ranked behind Chile (0.860), Argentina (0.849) and Uruguay (0.830).

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According to the United Nations, one of the main problems facing Brazil is the difficulty of maintaining public policies. This affects the country's current performance in education, for example.

In the rest of the world, the program signals a moment of polarization and geopolitical division. In addition to losses resulting from the pandemic, the index was also affected by the wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, and financial crises and internal conflicts in less developed countries, such as South Sudan and Yemen.

See the top 10 countries with the highest Human Development Index:

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