Mateus, from BBB 24, returns to São João da Thai, after fulfilling his dream as a presenter

Mateus, from BBB 24, returns to São João da Thai, after fulfilling his dream as a presenter

After BBB 24's runner-up Matthews aired live As a presenter on Globo TV This Friday (7) and fulfilling another dream, he returns to Maranhão, where the events of São João da Tay take place, this Saturday (8).

Allegretti posted some stories on social media: “Good morning kids, we are heading to Maranhão, I am here at the airport now, I will be boarding the plane soon, look at my swollen face.” He commented: “Soon, I will be arriving in São João da Thai again.” “.

Live from Allianz Parque, in São Paulo, join the broadcaster team and present the “Salve o Sul” festival. Gaucho stressed that this opportunity is the fulfillment of a dream.

“Hi guys! I'm so happy about that.” To have this opportunity to represent my people Here, in a way, the dreams of presenting such an amazing event with such a great intention of being able to help people are being fulfilled. Look at the scale of all this here, I'm sure it's going to be a very special night. “I'm grateful to God that he lived through all of this,” he said.

Still in the stories This Saturday (8), the previous BBB published his arrival in Maranhão.

“People of God, I feel like there is sand in my eyes. But it was worth it, I am so happy, it was a wonderful event. Now let us go back to Maranhão, and celebrate. Great day for you there, God bless you.”

TV Globo broadcast the festival on Friday (7) on Multishow and BIS channels. On Sunday (9), the shows start at 2:30 pm.

in the same day Isabel arrived in Maranhão to Saint John TyMatthews left for another destination. The couple had a falling out on BBB 24 and ended up disappointing the expectations of those following them, but it was for good reason. The gaucho went directly to São Paulo, where he presented the festival.

Isabel arrived in Sao Luis last Thursday (6) and Matthews left the city around the same time. “I'm going to São Paulo now. I'm going to miss my 'little love', but I'm trying to see her before I leave there. I'm going to work there. There's something really wonderful that you're going to find out soon, which will be Really cool for me and really important for others too.”

Save the South

A day later, the gaucho revealed the “mysterious job” he was doing. He is in São Paulo to participate in the “Salve o Sul” show., which will include performances by Chitauzinho and Xororó, Zizi de Camargo and Luciano, Leonardo, Luisa Sonza, Pedro Sampaio, Lulu Santos, Minos y Maes, Britta Gil, Torma do Pajod, Doda Beat, Zy Felipe, Bukah, Lexa, MC Daniel. Luan Pereira, Hariel, IG, Ryan SP, PH, Don Juan, Davi and more!

“I'll update you: This amazing event will take place on Friday (7), starting at 8 pm. Anyone can get to Allianz Parque here, but anyone who is not here, follow along. It will be very beautiful and very exciting. I am very happy about this opportunity “What's great and especially with this action is to help Rio Grande do Sul, there are already a lot of people offering help, but all help is welcome and I'm sure we will help a lot of people,” he said.

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