Wesley Savadow reveals diagnosis and treatment: ‘Inside me’

Wesley Savadow reveals diagnosis and treatment: ‘Inside me’

After canceling his concert schedule, the singer spoke about his current health condition

away from the stage, Wesley Savadow He used social media on Monday the 18th to speak to the public.

The 35-year-old artist revealed that he treats anxiety and stress. Because of this, he had to cancel his schedule.

“Even if it’s a process. Sometimes during the day, you feel a little weird. I’m getting better every day. I have it in me that I’m going to have the best years of my life. I needed to go through this so I can have more balance,” he said. .

Wesley Savadow had to cancel his performance schedule due to anxiety attacks (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The celebrity said that he has been facing some crises since 2018, which directly affects his relationship with work and fame. In August this year, while performing in Minas Gerais, he was subjected to the worst attack. “I didn’t know whether to go to the doctor or to the show,” he admitted.

“I opened the car window and tried to breathe. I got to the show, and I lay in the dressing room, trying to breathe, and I didn’t know if I was going to cancel the show and the house was already full. And thank God, I was able to do both shows. Since that day I have I suffer from these symptoms.

Wesley Savadow

Wesley Savadao’s mother just made a statement about the singer and is afraid to hide the diagnosis: “Difficult”

Wesley Savadow had to cancel his concert schedule (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

A sad confirmation has just arrived about the health of Wesley Savadow (3); He decided to stop

Singer Wesley Savadow, owner of a giant company (cloning/internet)

R$12 million: Wesley Savadao is the owner of COLOSSAL, which you’ve seen before and had no idea about

Before that, his mother, Donna Bell, had previously spoken with Leo Dias about her son’s condition, whose diagnosis has not yet been revealed. “If it was difficult for me and my family, imagine it for him. But thank God, he is recovering well,” the businesswoman said.

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Wesley Savadow
After receiving the diagnosis, Wesley Savadow revealed that he was facing bouts of anxiety and stress (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

What is Wesley Savadao’s salary?

Part of today’s Brazilian music elite, the famous man earns a lot of money per show. According to G1, it does not sell for less than R$600,000.

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