Unlimited: After disqualification, Iris says she blocked Angelica on Instagram: ‘But nothing against’

Unlimited: After disqualification, Iris says she blocked Angelica on Instagram: 'But nothing against'

after being removed from the edition”On the edgeThis Tuesday (22), Iris Stefanelli interviewed before Anna Clara, on Globoplay’s “Bate-Papo No Limite” (“Bate-Papo No Limite”) admitted that he blocked the game’s former opponent on Instagram. AngelicaFrom the Kalango tribe.

Anna asked Clara about the differences Iris had while participating in the program with other participants, such as her colleagues from the Karkara tribe. rays e Ariadne, but essentially the first spat with Angelica, of the opposing tribe, on one of the reality show’s first auditions.

The production featured a video clip showing Iris complaining to her team about Angelica’s attitudes and asking Anna Clara, “So, did you talk outside? He’s already gone, is everything okay?”

“No, I don’t know her. About. Even Ariadna, whom we had a sensitive issue with, wasn’t as heavy as Angelica. Angelica couldn’t see something like that to come after me. She felt a little aggressive with me, in all she gave as an interview. I even blocked her on Instagram, That’s it. But like that, nothing against it. It’s only banned on Instagram, says Iris.

She says that Angelica has always had provocative attitudes towards Iris’ team in various situations in auditions.

“At the start of the match I was having new situations. Angelica provoked, in every test, to the point that her tribe disagreed with her. I kept looking: ‘Here she comes again.’ I looked like a high school kid fighting with his friend in his office. It was a very childish thing. . said Iris.

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