Lula’s interview with Manu Brown is the most listened to podcast in Brazil in 2021

Published on 01/12/2021 7:51 PM

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to share Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva On the Mano a Mano podcast, presented by rapper Mano Brown, this was the most Heard on Spotify Brazil in 2021.

In a frank conversation with the rapper, Lula admitted the mistakes made by the Labor governmentHe spoke of the “whiteness” of the Brazilian left and tried to reconnect with the country’s youth. “My generation sees you as a candidate who has lost three elections, while the younger generation sees you as president. You almost performed a miracle in Brazil, but young people don’t know you yet. Or they know me from the last lies told,” said Brown.

One of the highlights of the episode is when the rapper recalls his participation in a rally with Fernando Haddad (PT), in Rio de Janeiro, during the second round of the 2018 elections to PT and ended up being booed by the attendees.

I came to represent myself and not represent anyone. I don’t like the party atmosphere, and the blindness that goes there (by Bolsonaro) affects here too. She has over 30 million votes of difference, and she has no margin to achieve. “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist,” said the rapper.

Brown explained the situation. “When I got there, I realized we had lost the election. I looked at the audience and didn’t see the people who had appointed Lula to office. I didn’t see the black bloc. I saw loyal militancy, but not mine. It made me angry, because I saw that we had failed there. I was in Mood to wake up, because I knew the defeat was fatal for the slum. After I went downstairs, the blacks who were working thanked me. This held my head,” he told the chief.

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Lula responded to the rapper saying that he had read the letter and saw the truth in it. “I think it is wonderful for people to be real and give the truth. Your speech in 2018 is the frank truth. Labor has forgotten its original speech, which sought to give a voice to the oppressed. I did not come from above to speak with those below. I came from below and that is what made the party Always different,” the former president stated.

One of the main themes of the program was the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Lula said the president does not appear to be part of the right-wing ideological camp. “What is happening in Brazil is not a dispute between the Right and the Left. It is a conflict between fascists and democracy. Bolsonaro is not from the Right. It should be analyzed more for Hitler and Mussolini than for a right-wing man. Because the Labor member said he does not think. He does not build an idea, he builds nonsense. You don’t see a whole sentence of him saying anything useful, it’s just nonsense.”

Through social networks, Lola and Manu Brown have shared stories about and celebrated the success of the podcast. “Always in the Mines” wrote the rapper.

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