Farm | The next Roça will be double and made up of five infantry

Farm |  The next Roça will be double and made up of five infantry

Photo: X/A Fazenda / Pipoca Moderna

Rodrigo Carelli, Senior Producer and Program Director of Realities at Record TV, announced the news of the second phase of the series “A Fazenda 15” via social media. Now that the restricted groups have been reduced to the top ten, eliminations will begin in double doses. This is already valid for the next Roça.

“In the next Roça, 5 pedestrians will sit on the benches and white power will be decisive in this! We will have a double elimination!”, wrote Carelli on X (formerly Twitter). He added: “There is a lot of news coming in the final stage.”

Typically, Roças are formed on Tuesdays by four farmworkers. One of them survived the farmer test. Carelli points out that the upcoming formation will put five pawns in the spotlight, but voting must be limited to four names, as there will still be a struggle over the farmer’s hat.

So, next week, four walkers will compete for overall preference, with two of them eliminated to make the top eight.

The president of “A Fazenda” also hinted that white power “will be decisive” in the formation. In other words, the winner of the Fire Test, which will be played on Sunday (10/12) and appears on the record on Monday (11/12), will be able to determine the outcome of the formation.

Roca’s next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday (12/12).

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