Lt Governor signs partnership agreement with United Kingdom – Folha blog

Lt Governor signs partnership agreement with United Kingdom – Folha blog

Deputy Governor of Pernambuco, Priscilla CrossReceived, this Tuesday, the 27th, Consul of the United Kingdom in Brazil, Melanie HopkinsTo celebrate two partnerships between the United Kingdom and The Government of Pernambuco.

In a meeting held at the Vice Governor's headquarters, a partnership was announced to finance a project to mobilize green investments developed by the Environment and Sustainability Secretariat, and a technical cooperation memorandum was signed with Companhia Pernambucana de Saneamento (Compesa). , which aims to use technologies developed by British companies to solve challenges in the state's water supply system.

“We are very happy to sign these two partnerships with the United Kingdom in two very important sectors for the state of Pernambuco. Campesa is one of the companies facing the biggest challenges in our state. Pernambuco has the worst water supply in the country, especially in Agreste, and one of the biggest problems we face is precisely the problem of water waste. “, Priscilla Krause highlighted to the crowd.

“The more technologies, the more people and countries we can support, the better. We need to learn, innovate and access initiatives that are already working in other countries”, he added.

Today's agenda is the result of a dialogue that began a year ago between the UK Embassy in Brazil and the Government of Pernambuco. Melanie Hopkins, the United Kingdom's deputy ambassador to Brazil, recalled a meeting with Governor Raquel Laira where some of his government's priorities were highlighted.

“It gives us great satisfaction to be here and to sign these two documents. In our meeting with Governor Rahul Laira a year ago, he spoke precisely about these areas and highlighted the wastage of water and the state's challenge to guarantee sanitation. . For this reason, it is a point of satisfaction because we believe that we can contribute to the future of the State of Pernambuco,” said the diplomatic representative. The partnerships announced today are developments of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of Pernambuco and the Government of the United Kingdom during the first year of the administration of Raquel Lira.

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Partnership with Compesa
The partnership between Compesa and the United Kingdom is part of a program to support the internationalization process of British technologies. The project was selected by the British company Atmos International, which will deploy and test leak monitoring technologies on the Botafogo water pipeline located in the metropolitan area of ​​Recife. It is hoped that this technology can be replicated in other distribution systems in the state, thereby helping to significantly reduce the rate of water waste in Pernambuco.

Compesa's director of performance and customer service, Flávio Coutinho, highlighted that the partnership aims to bring the best expertise from the UK in reducing losses and detecting theft. “By changing these technologies, we will identify thefts and mainly leaks in water mains, especially in the Botafogo water pipeline that serves part of the Recife metropolitan area”, said the director. “The idea is to bring solutions to the test, identify possible improvements and bring more continuity in the water supply to the population, allowing for more days what is provided by the Botafogo system. This is a solution that has already been tested in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to expand it to other parts of the state. ”.

Transition to a green economy
In the case of the UK Pact Mobilizing Green Investments Project, the State of Pernambuco will receive technical advice worth R$1 million rice for the development of four projects that can make the transition to a low carbon economy in our state. The partnership is funded by the UK Treaty Program and implemented by the international body Climate Action in collaboration with the Environment, Sustainability and Fernando de Noronha Secretariat. In Brazil, apart from Pernambuco, the states of Mato Grosso and São Paulo are also part of the partnership.

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The Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Ana Luisa Ferreira, highlighted the importance of this partnership with the United Kingdom to attract funding for projects transitioning to a green economy. “It's a partnership that allows practical access to resources that can be used to develop quality technical projects that can attract international funding. Today, we have many opportunities and ideas on how to do that, but these ideas need to be turned into good projects, and we need to be able to effectively implement technology.” and need financial support.

Director of the United Kingdom Consulate in Recife, Larissa Brusky, Executive Director of the UK-Brazil Technology Center, Gabriela Figueiredo, and Special Adviser to the Governor, Fernando Hollanda, also attended the meeting. ; Executive Secretary for International Relations, Rayane Aguirre, Executive Secretary for Environment, Sustainability and Fernando de Noronha, Karla Godoy; Campesa's presidential adviser, Eduardo Hollanda; and Compesa's Management and Innovation Manager, Fabíola Coelho.

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