Learn how to consult before release

Learn how to consult before release

Earn FGTS: Learn how to consult before release. More than R$8 billion has been distributed to workers registered in the Guarantee Fund and the entitlement can reach R$806.03; Know how to consult FGTS profit.

Caixa Econômica Federal deposited FGTS 2020 earnings into citizen accounts last Tuesday (24). In total, R$8.1 billion of net income was restricted to workers registered in the Employment Compensation Fund who had an active balance on December 31, 2020. The amount of the accrual is proportional to the escrow account balance, amounting to R$806.03.

FGTS balance can be viewed on the official website and on the FGTS app for Android and iPhone (iOS), as well as the option to access Caixa Online Banking. See below how to check the balance of the FGTS through the official channels of the guarantee fund on a computer and cell phone.

How to consult FGTS profit by computer

The first step. To view FGTS earnings by computer, access the FGTS website (fgts.gov.br) and click on “FGTS Balances and Extracts”;

The FGTS website has a link to access the balance and take advantage of the earnings – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 2. In this step, enter your CPF, PIS or NIS number and your password. go to the “Next” button;

FGTS Win 2021: Login credentials must be provided to access credit – Image: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandez

The third step. Click on “FGTS” and go to “Full Statement”;

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Government launches FGTS: Caixa website list allows access to extraction – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 4. View the statement of account with your payments and available FGTS balance.

FGTS Caixa: The site displays full account data – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

How to consult FGTS profit by cell phone

Step 1. To check FGTS balance by mobile, open the FGTS app and click on “Enter the app”. Click Continue to continue logging in;

FGTS 2021 release: Log in to the app to access the account – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 2. Enter your CPF number, and check captchaand click “Next”. Once you do this, enter your password and confirm in “Login”;

The FGTS app is accessed using Caixa login credentials – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 3. After logging in, click on “FGTS Total Credit”. See the total balance of all your FGTS accounts on the screen, as shown below;

FGTS profit: the app displays the total balance of the worker’s accounts – Photo: Reproduction / Rodrigo Fernandez

Step 4. To see the balance details for each FGTS account, go to the main screen and click on View All Accounts.

How do you consult FGTS profit 2021? It is possible to see the balance of each account through the application – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

Source: G1

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