Know what is Google One

Know what is Google One

Google One is a cloud storage that comes with a suite of cloud-based data management tools that seamlessly connect to other Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Photos..

When you open a Google account, you automatically get 15 GB of free cloud storage through Google One. Storage on Google One is shared across the entire Google cloud suite (Drive, Gmail, and Photos), so uploading files to any of these services will take up available space.

In addition, Google One also offers paid subscriptions for extended storage in case you run out of 15 GB for free or plan to use cloud backups, for example.

Google One and Cloud Storage

Although the free storage space you get with Google One is limited to 15GB, it’s still handy if you’re not trying to back up a large library of photos, giving you a place to back up your phone settings, store emails, and save a collection Small important documents.

A big benefit of having this storage is that you can access your backup files on any web browser-enabled platform, “taking” your files everywhere.

The paid monthly Google One subscription comes in three variants: Basic $1.99 (just over R$10.00); Standard $2.99 ​​(just over R$15.00) and; Premium Level $9.99 (just over BRL 50.00).

All plans not only allow users to access a certain amount of storage for email messages, cloud backups, and general file management, but also give users access to other benefits that may not be obvious at first glance.

If 2TB isn’t enough for you, there are also monthly plans for 5TB ($25 USD or around $100 or around BRL 513.00) and 30 TB ($150 USD or around R$770.00) plans available for existing subscribers.

The $1.99 Google One Basic class gives users access to 100GB of storage, Pixel-exclusive photo filters, AI-powered photo editing tools for Google Photos and 24/7 live chat. Daily, 7 days a week, email or phone support from Google experts.

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Upgrading the Standard package increases your storage capacity to 200GB while retaining all the other benefits of the Basic package. Things get even more interesting when it comes to the $9.99 package, which not only increases your storage to 2TB but also gives you access to the Google VPN service.

Google One subscribers in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States are also eligible for rewards on select Google Store purchases. 200 GB tier members are eligible for 3% cashback on purchases made on Google Store in the form of store credit, while members of plans with 2 TB or higher are eligible for up to 10% back.

How to manage Google One storage

Google One connects to all of your Google services, which means that you use storage automatically when you use Gmail, Google Photos, Drive, or when you back up your phone.

The Google One app, available on the Play Store, is Google’s center for managing cloud storage. The app gives you access to features to help you free up cloud storage, manage any family sharing settings you’ve enabled, and access 24/7 live support that’s included with your paid subscription.

The Google One app may be pre-installed on your Android device, but if not, you can install it directly from the Play Store or In APKMirror.

Google One Family Sharing

Paid Google One subscriptions come with Family Sharing, which allows users to share their Google One benefits with up to five other people, regardless of their subscription level.

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Enabling Family Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean that people you choose to share storage with can access your personal information or files unless you explicitly give them permission. Interestingly, even if you share your Google One storage with a family member, they will still need to fill in the 15GB of free Google One storage before consuming your paid quota, which means your storage will only be used when it becomes It is necessary. However, Google considered it appropriate to allow each user to use as much storage space in a family group as they wanted.

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