Jet exceeds the speed of sound in the test

A civil business aircraft completed for the first time Exceeding the speed of sound using sustainable fuels. Although the record was broken in May 2021, it has only now been announced, during the launch of the Global 8000, by Bombardier, a Canadian aircraft manufacturer that competes with Brazil’s Embraer.

The record was broken with the Global 8000 prototype that was based on the previous Global 7500, which received several improvements: a new engine, more modern equipment and changes to the wings to support supersonic speeds.

The company will produce the latest aircraft and will be available from 2025. It is capable of carrying up to 19 people on board and will cost from 78 million US dollars (379 million R$). Anyone who already owns a 7500 Global will be able to pay to update it.

How was the record?

Bombardier says it will be the fastest business jet in its class, flying at an average speed of 1,000 km/h at an altitude of 12.5 km, reaching Mach 0.94.

Mach is a unit representing the speed of sound, which can vary depending on air temperature and altitude, for example. The louder and cooler the sound, the slower the speed of sound. Near sea level, Mach 1 (once the speed of sound) has a speed of about 1,235 km/h.

In tests, the aircraft reached Mach 1,015, at an estimated speed of 1,080 km/h at the altitude it was at.

Most business jets reach speeds between 700 km/h and 1,000 km/h, with a few models exceeding this mark when at cruising speed. The Gulfstream G650ER (same model as Elon Musk) It flies at up to Mach 0.925 and Dassault Falcon 7X, the model used by Lila, President of Palmeirasup to Mach 0.90, for example.

In-flight entertainment cabin on the Bombardier Global 8000 . Business Jet

Photo: Publicity / Bombardier

Bombardier - disclosure / Bombardier - disclosure / Bombardier

Bombardier Global 8000 Business Suite, which will be available from 2025

Photo: Publicity / Bombardier

While it doesn’t always fly that fast, as that would greatly increase fuel consumption, crossing those boundaries is a milestone nearly two decades after the retirement of Concorde, the most famous supersonic commercial airliner ever built.

Sao Paulo to New York in eight hours

The plane, with its cruising speed, can fly from São Paulo to New York (USA) in about eight hours.

Although the distance between the two cities is 7680 km, the aircraft will not be more than 1000 km / h from the start of the flight.

This speed is reached only after take-off and ascent to the cruising altitude, which is between 13 kilometers and 15.5 kilometers above sea level. Near the landing, the landing also takes place at a slightly slower speed until touching the ground.

It is still necessary to keep in mind that the flight does not take place in a straight line, as pilots have to take paths determined by air traffic control to avoid collisions, which also take some time.

However, this is about two hours less than a traditional commercial flight, in addition to the convenience that passengers enjoy when using the airport’s executive terminals.

More comfort and range

Bombardier - disclosure / Bombardier - disclosure / Bombardier

The cockpit of the Bombardier Global 8000 business aircraft, which will be available from 2025

Photo: Publicity / Bombardier

One of the differences with the Global 8000 is that it took advantage of the entire structure of the Global 7500 and expanded its range and speed.

Flight autonomy reaches 14,816 km without the need to stop for refueling. This allows the aircraft to fly non-stop from São Paulo to, as well as New York, London (England), Moscow (Russia), Sydney (Australia) or Dubai (UAE).

When flying at an altitude of 12,500 km, the interior feeling is that the passenger will be at an altitude of only 880 meters due to the cabin pressure. For comparison, Campos do Jordão (SP) is located at an altitude of about 1,600 metres.

This pressure close to sea level allows for more comfort – as thinner air drops, you can breathe better.

The aircraft can still be configured to have a kitchen and crew area, as well as a bathroom with shower.

Seats change to transform one of the environments into a dining room, and the aircraft has a suite with access to the luggage compartment.

data sheet

Model: Global 8000
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Capacity: 19 passengers
Flight range: 14,816 km
Speed: about 1000 km/h
Maximum speed reached in tests: Mach 1,015 (about 1,100 km/h at the altitude at which the aircraft was flying)
Length: 33.8 meters
Wingspan (distance from tip to wing tip): 31.7 m
Height: 8.2 meters
Maximum flight altitude: 15,545 km

Watch how the test went as the plane reached supersonic speed:

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