Jacqueen ‘forgives’ McDonald’s after blasting fast food for delivery error – 06/13/2021

Last weekend, McDonald’s came under fire from chef Eric Jaquin. After receiving the delivery order with errors, the MasterChef jury He made sure to explode fast food in public.

“It’s awful” and “never again” were some of the statements the chef made in the publication, which has exceeded 700,000 copies. But this Sunday (13), Jacques posted a sponsored video making “peace” with the brand.

Jaquin asks about McDonald's and fails - Instagram Play - Instagram Play

Last week, Jacquin publicly complained about Mc

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Time content is a reaction from McDonald’s. “The brand used active listening and invited the chef to experiment with new products to reinforce the commitment to providing high quality products and services,” the company said in a statement.

In the teaser video, Jaqen dances to a parody of Song Rita to Thierry: “Come back, Mickey, I’ll forgive your slip.”

Followers did not let the hashtag of the sponsored post go unnoticed. One woman said, “It was taking so long! I knew it was going to be public.” “Instead of a paid partnership with Mc, it should be a ‘paid excuse’ with Mc,” one man said. Others understood the chef’s position: “I’ll do the same.”

negative feedback

In the first video, Jacqueen says, “I just placed an order to have it delivered to my house from this very well known place, the most famous fast food in the world. The sandwich arrived with ice cream: a cold sandwich and melted ice cream.”

As if the chaos wasn’t enough, McDonald’s also failed to deliver the gold coins on the cook’s order. To fix the error, they offered a credit to use on your next purchase. Jacques angrily says:

There will be no next time. Credit does not kill hunger. They are not professionals.

At the end of the recorded account, Jacquin drops the package he was holding in his hand and lets go: “It sucks.” Followers, fascinated by Jacqueen’s take on McDonald’s and “The Tragedy,” quickly linked the “Exposed” to the chef’s other stories and phrases.

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