Iran withdraws French, German and UK ambassadors after attack on Israel

Iran withdraws French, German and UK ambassadors after attack on Israel

Iran's Foreign Ministry has invited the ambassadors of France, England and Germany this Sunday (14). Attack by drones and missiles The Islamic Republic launched the attack against Israel earlier in the day.

Three diplomats were “invited to the ministry […] “Due to the irresponsible positions of some officials in these countries regarding Iran's response to the actions of the Zionist regime against the citizens and interests of our country,” announced Iranian diplomacy in a statement released by the official IRNA agency.

This Sunday (14), Iran asked Israel not to react militarily to the unprecedented attack carried out overnight, in a justified response to the bombing that destroyed its embassy in Damascus. “The case can be considered closed,” the Iranian delegation to the UN announced in a statement released three hours after Iran launched its first direct attack against Israel from its territory.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi warned that any “irresponsible” actions by Israel and its allies would lead to a “strong response” from the Islamic Republic. Iran's ideological army, the Revolutionary Guards, launched more than 200 drones and missiles at military targets in Israeli territory.

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The head of Iran's armed forces, General Mohammad Bagheri, celebrated that the strike had achieved “all its objectives” and had put “an intelligence center and an air base” out of service. Iranian drones have not targeted any urban or economic centers, he said.

An Israeli military spokesman indicated that Iranian ballistic missiles hit the Nevadim air base. The Iranian delegation to the UN explained that “Iran's military action is a response to the Zionist regime's aggression against our diplomatic headquarters in Damascus.” The attack was carried out under Article 51 of the United Nations Defense Charter.

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