iOS 17.2 is offering signs that Apple is preparing for sideloading

iOS 17.2 is offering signs that Apple is preparing for sideloading

as much as apple If she doesn’t want to – and she really doesn’t want to, she’s fighting in court so that doesn’t happen – then she should prepare herself to put on the famous show. Side loading In order to continue working in European Union. The rule, if confirmed, will go into effect in March 2024, when Apple must open the iPhone and iPad doors so users can purchase/download apps from app stores other than the App Store.

With this in mind, Hey 9to5Mac Found The clues are in codes iOS 17.2 (It’s in its second beta) Apple is already moving to get everything ready.

According to the website, the future version of the system will include a new update Domain With a general title Managed application distribution (managed application distribution). Initially, they thought this was related to MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, through which corporate applications can currently be installed (without having to upload them to the App Store). However, they believe that there are more seeds in this anju.

After further analysis, they saw that Domain It has a declared extension in the system, which means other applications can create these same extensions. After further research, they saw that third-party apps would be allowed to install other apps, allowing developers to create their own app stores.

Furthermore it, Domain It has basic controls for downloading, installing and even updating applications from external sources. It can also check if an app is compatible with a specific iOS device or version, replicating the behavior of the App Store.

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do you want more? They also found references to region blocking, suggesting that Apple could restrict this new feature to specific countries/locations – which it will almost certainly happen if Side loadingas the rule will apply (at least initially) only in EU countries – Apple will not give up App Store revenue so easily in other countries.

The truth is that, regardless of Apple’s desires, it must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Since March 2024 is “there,” it makes sense that these future new features in the system will begin to be implemented and explored.

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