INSS salary loan margin will decrease in 2022

INSS salary loan margin will decrease in 2022

Currently, retired and retired INSS have a larger margin to achieve credit Delivered. Initially, the facility came through a temporary measure (MP), and in March 2021 it ended up becoming law. However, it will expire on December 31. Thus, for 2022, the margin limit for loans This type will have new rules. So, to find out more, check below.

INSS: Salary loan margin limit will have new rules in 2022, see what changes

Thus, today’s retirees and retirees can contract a credit with a 35% deductible salary margin. Plus, they have a 5% credit card margin. In other words, under these terms, the insured can use approximately 40% of the benefits balance to hold the payroll loans.

With regard to changes in staffing in 2022, effective January 1, 2022, staffing will be as follows:

  • The insured may use 35% of the balance available in INSS for payroll;
  • Of these 35%, 30% are for employment lend and 5% for credit card usage
  • The law also allows the suspension of contracting loan installments for a period of four months without changing the amount and interest rate.

Finally, it should be noted that the repayment of the installments of the salary loan is not done by debiting the current account, or through a bank slip, as is the case with other types of loans. In this case, the deduction is made directly from the INSS benefit, or from the salary of public or private employees.

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