In the United Kingdom, a reality show will raise R $ 400,000 for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

In the United Kingdom, a reality show will raise R $ 400,000 for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular themes in reality TV design today. Photo: Getty Images.

  • The latest episode of “From Idea to Business” will air this Saturday (20);

  • The winning business will receive a prize of ஆயிரம் 50,000, in other words approximately R $ 400 thousand;

  • The project is the first entrepreneurial reality show in Portuguese made in the UK.

Reality show fever is still a long way off, and one of the most popular themes in design right now is entrepreneurship.

So, this Saturday (20), the last episode of the show “From Idea to Business” will take place in London, UK, which promotes a business that aims to be enjoyed, tested and earned by ten Brazilians. The award for ஆயிரம் 50 thousand, in other words, is almost R $ 400 thousand.

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The final will be held at the University of Chicago Booth University, the second most prestigious business university in the country. One of the professors at the institute was former US President Barack Obama.

The project was created by Ercelio de Oliveira, Jono Alve and Filipe Francisco. With 12 participants, the project was the first entrepreneurial reality show created for the Portuguese language in the UK.

Since August, only two contestants have been eliminated and the remaining ten still have a chance of winning the final prize.

From the beginning till now, classes with experts from various fields, various activities were carried out in this project as tips for turning ideas into success.

So far, there are 11 chapters in which each of the 12 was able to showcase their talents and learn about the corporate world.

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The last episode can be found on the show’s YouTube channel. Other chapters are available on the platform and on the program’s website.

Information from the exam.

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