The monolith appears in the United Kingdom and no one knows its origin

The monolith appears in the United Kingdom and no one knows its origin

A 3m tall steel monolith surprised residents of Hay-on-Wye, Wales last weekend. Richard Haynes, a frequent hiker in the Hay Bluff area, photographed the mysterious object at the top of the mountain.

In an interview WalesOnlineHe described the moment he discovered the monolith.

“It seemed a little strange, and I thought it might be scientific research on rainwater harvesting,” he said. “But I realized that it was very loud and weird. So I went there and it was at least ten feet tall and triangular, definitely stainless steel. It was hollow and, I imagine, very light. Two people could carry it and plant it on the ground”, he added. .

And, according to him, a friend who was near the site two weeks ago said that there was no monolith before. “I noticed it appeared recently and after a few days I could tell it was gone,” Richard added.

Check out the image below:

Monolithic Wales

Image: Reproduction/Media Wales

A monolith in Wales could be a work of art

On social media, theories question whether the monolith could be the work of aliens — however, it's just an art installation. Some also point to potential environmental impact as a result of the action. “It's clear that someone had to dig a big hole to bury him,” Richard added.

However, the mysterious case is not limited to recent years. In 2020, other sightings occurred in rural areas of Europe, including England, Romania, and parts of Utah in the United States. The latter is, in fact, similar to Wales: 3.6 meters high.

According to a British newspaper TunnelAn art group called “The Most Famous Artist” owned by North American Matty Moe has been credited with similar metal statues in many places around the world in the past.

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