“I will not run away from who I am.” British gay minister to wear ‘OneLove’ apron during Wales-England – Spectator

"I will not run away from who I am."  British gay minister to wear 'OneLove' apron during Wales-England - Spectator

During England’s game against Wales this Tuesday, UK Sports Minister Stuart Andrew will wear a “OneLove” armband in reference to LGBTQIA+ rights.

In an exclusive interview with British newspaper Evening StandardHe expressed his determination to challenge World Cup hosts Qatar and FIFA themselves, who banned England, Wales captains, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland from marching. . 🇧🇷I won’t run away from anyone. Our message is that no one should hide who they are“, said.

As a gay man, the minister said he was in a “unique position” to send a message of solidarity to LGBTQIA+ supporters who may not feel safe traveling to Qatar to watch the World Cup. Homosexuality is considered a crime in this country.🇧🇷 Additionally, Stuart Andrew FIFA has accused Placing players in “impossible” situations and adopting an “acceptable” or “standard” position.

FIFA bans LGBTQIA+ armbands at World Cup But the former England player defied the order and took him to the pitch

The minister told the Evening Standard that he was considering boycotting the World Cup, but decided to travel to Qatar to ensure the hosts fulfill their commitment to welcome all citizens: “I have a responsibility to go and see for myself [que todos são bem-vindos]🇧🇷 If they don’t, challenge it in some way,” he said.

Stuart Andrew Following the example of other figures in international politics – such as Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Fasser and Denmark’s former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt – used the “OneLove” flag to watch their countries’ games in Qatar.

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