How much does it cost the UK to support royal family expenses each year?

How much does it cost the UK to support royal family expenses each year?

In the famous royal series The Crown, after a glorious crisis surrounding the British royal family, or as it became known in the House of Windsor in England, some English people wonder why they support Queen Elizabeth II and her relatives.

In fact, maintaining the royal family requires a strong public investment, which is by no means the most powerful monarchy of more than 20 people in the world. That’s why a Royal Housing Report draws attention, showing that it reached a peak of .4 69.4 million in 2020 or US $ 96.2 million at yesterday’s exchange rate.

In addition, this figure has grown by almost 95% in the last five years, taking into account the need for US $ 50 million in 2015.
The figure of how much it costs to maintain the royalty of the United Kingdom over the years is based on those who consider themselves anti-monarchy, while the same people and movements do not see it as fair to say that the 21st century is a public budget. The United Kingdom should allocate a bag for them.

This is due to the maintenance of more than 26 properties owned by the royal family, including the operation of gardens such as Buckingham Palace. Likewise, from that bag provided by the government each year is the basis for events, tours or any meeting the Queen and her family meet, not just an official, personal nature.

In fact, the popular notion from English comes from “you spend more on vacation than a princess”, which refers to $ 5 million that Princess Margaret spent in 1965 traveling with her ex-husband to more than 12 U.S. states. .

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The truth is, the issue has resurfaced among the British today after an explosive interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle. But according to historian Diana Uribe, the debate over royalty costs is a never-ending point because for the British people, “the monarchy is a historic pillar that they have maintained as a people, and it is in their best interest to be in charge.” People living in England were born with the premise that the well-being of the monarchy belongs to all; That fact must be taken into account. “

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