Harry decides to appeal after losing police protection in England

Harry decides to appeal after losing police protection in England

Prince Harry has announced that he will appeal against the British government's decision to remove police protection from his stay in the UK after losing a legal appeal. The defeat marks another chapter in the prince's legal battle to ensure his personal safety while on British soil.

The government's decision has sparked controversy

The decision by the Home Office, the ministerial body responsible for policing, to automatically suspend Harry's personal police protection during his stay in the UK has been the subject of considerable controversy since it was implemented in February 2020. Previously, like other senior royals, Harry enjoyed fully government-funded protection. However, this protection was revoked after he resigned from his royal duties and moved to the US with his wife, Meghan.

Legal arguments and the prince's reaction

In 2023, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, lost a legal battle against the UK Home Office over his public safety (Photo: Reproduction/Victor Szymanowicz/Getty Images/Time)

Harry's lawyers argued that removing his protection would expose him to illegal and unfair treatment. For its part, the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royal Family and Public Figures did not rule against Harry's protection, but rather the government maintained that it should not be granted in the same way. The High Court accepted this position and concluded that there was no illegality in the decision.

In his response, Harry's legal representative insisted that the prince was not asking for preferential treatment, but rather the fair and legal application of the rules established by Ravech. He seeks to receive the same consideration given to other royals as outlined by the committee's policies.

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By deciding to appeal, Harry continues his legal battle for personal safety, not just for himself, but for his family, within the United Kingdom.

Featured Image: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in London, last year (Reproduction/Alberto Pezzali/AP)

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