J.K. Rowling Reported to Police for Transphobia by Host in United Kingdom | Pop & Art

J.K.  Rowling Reported to Police for Transphobia by Host in United Kingdom |  Pop & Art

JK at the premiere of 'Fantastic Beasts' in London in 2018. Rowling — Photo: Joel C. Ryan/Invision/AP

J.K. Rowling filed a complaint with the British police due to transphobia. India Willoughby, a former contestant on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in Britain, has filed a complaint. Info “Deadline”.

Both have already exchanged accusations on social media. India said it lodged a complaint against the writer with Northumbria Police a few days ago.

In a TV interview, according to “Deadline”, India said she has a complaint against JK, arguing that the writer repeatedly misgendered her.

India underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2015 and is said to be the UK's first trans TV reporter working for ITV's regional newspaper Tyne Dees.

In recent days, on social media, JK India has “not become a woman”. “India creates a misogynistic male fantasy of what it means to be a woman,” wrote Harry Potter author X (formerly Twitter).

The journalist openly ridiculed the station where he works, refusing to even use India-identifying pronouns.

Hosted by India Willoughby, J.K. Rowling filed a complaint against her for transphobia – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“The mask has slipped. Historically, people have given her the benefit of the doubt, all she does is protect women's rights,” India said. “Since India Willoughby has told me in detail that she is a man, she cannot discuss this now.”

Hostility based on transgender identity can be prosecuted as a hate crime, says the UK Attorney General's Office. “Deadline” has contacted Northumbria Police for comment.

In a series of posts

In the publications, the author continued to use masculine pronouns.

“I ignored this advice because I wouldn't mind giving India the publicity she clearly wants,” JK wrote.

The author also points to an employment tribunal ruling in 2021 which concluded that researcher Maya Forstator's sexist views were a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act. “No law compels anyone to pretend to believe that India is a woman,” says J.K.

Recently, the author was involved in finding a screenwriter for the live-action Harry Potter series for Max. The proposal was narrowed down to three finalists: Francesca Gardiner, Tom Moran and Kathleen Jordan. The series is scheduled to start in 2026.

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