Guedes, on unexpected budget spending: ‘There is smoke in the air’

(Credit: Wilson Dias/Agência Brasil)

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said Friday, during an event in Rio, that next year’s budget forecasts resources of between R$25 billion and R$30 billion to absorb a boost from R$250 to R$300 from the Bolsa Família programme. He added that there was, however, “smoke in the air” over possible extraordinary budget expenditures, which could force some reprogramming.

Without specifying what these potential extraordinary expenditures would be, Guedes explained that, sometimes, other countries’ decisions can have a “significant impact” on the budget. “So far, we know that the Bolsa Família program is perfectly couched in the Financial Responsibility Act and within the limits of the ceiling. We are always afraid. There is smoke in the air, but I prefer that we are already working on a direct attack on this potential factor,” Guedes said.

The minister added that he is working on sending the first version of the budget at the end of this month, with the schedule for 2022. He did not clarify what change the new budget requirements could bring.

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