Germany is considering reopening its embassy in North Korea

Germany is considering reopening its embassy in North Korea

Many countries have closed their missions in the country during the pandemic; The United Kingdom and Sweden are considering resuming

A delegation from the German Foreign Ministry visited Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, for the first time since 2020 for a technical inspection. The Germans may be preparing to close and reopen their diplomatic representation in the country during the pandemic. Information from Reuters.

The United Kingdom and Sweden have barred people from embassies due to containment measures imposed during the pandemic. Both countries are also exploring the possibility of resuming operations in the country led by Kim Jong-un.

During the pandemic, only diplomats from Russia, China, Mongolia, and Cuba were authorized to travel and receive supplies in North Korean territory.

The UK Foreign Office said Reuters It is intended to send a delegation for techno-diplomatic study in the country.

“We are pleased that some diplomats have returned to Pyongyang, and we welcome the steps taken by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to reopen the border.”A spokesman for the UK Foreign Office announced.

Swedish diplomat Peter Semneby told a British newspaper that his country hopes to reopen its representation in North Korea. “Relatively soon”.

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