United Kingdom to ban “homosexuality”; Check it out!

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Boris Johnson, The British Prime Minister, announced this Tuesday morning (11) that he would like to fully intensify support for the LGBT + community and will once again expel all treatments aimed at converting ‘sexual orientation’ into LGBTs.

The politician’s statement was opposed by religious officials, who believe the process will be robust for homosexuals who want to discuss sexual issues with psychologists. It is noteworthy that the Federal Council of Psychology has already banned such activities because it identifies the potential for traumatic and irreversible episodes.

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In 2018, the United Kingdom introduced a plan to ban “homosexual treatment” treatments, but it did not materialize. The plan includes a law prohibiting psychologists from offering treatments to straighten out homosexual patients.

Recently, to correct past mistakes, the Ministry of Defense UK Announced the return of military medals issued as a result of their sexual orientation. The militants were released until 2000, strictly following the law in force at the time.

According to official figures, between 200 and 250 military personnel were expelled from the company, particularly for ‘homosexual behavior’.

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