France and the United Kingdom join the UN in Afghanistan

France and the United Kingdom join the UN in Afghanistan

To you who came here,

Thank you so much for putting your trust in our magazine, we take this opportunity to make a small request.

Tyro Gaza Oberia is going through a crucial moment for its future. We live in interesting times. Crisis of capitalism, intensification of class struggle, periods of political and social polarization. Times of epidemic and genocidal politics. Coup time and popular uprising. Fascism is on the rise and the revolutionary left is clearly growing. It is no exaggeration to say that we are at the forefront of an open struggle between revolution and counter-revolution.

Capitalism has already realized the danger. The popular uprisings in Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia showed where the continent was going. In addition to pure and simple repression, one of the basic weapons of the great bourgeoisie in the struggle against workers and the people is misinformation, confusion, falsification and manipulation of facts, otherwise blatant lies. At this moment, the bourgeoisie is trying to confuse the panorama before the start of the street rallies against Bolzano and all the Coupists. Their efforts are aimed at drawing lines separating the right from the left, from coup fighters against coup fighters to red and green on the streets, and infiltrating the real enemies of the people into the mass movement. Dário Causa Operária Capitalism is at the forefront of the conflict against its politics and its maneuvers.

Unlike other websites, even progressive ones, you will not see paid ads here. We have no funding or any support from large investors. Because there is a complete mismatch between us and them – they are our enemies.

We are uncompromisingly committed to protecting the interests of workers, the poor and the oppressed. We are a class based, open and free newspaper, we want to stay that way. We work day and night to grow, develop and study DCO by a wider population. Independence from capitalism is a condition for the success of this endeavor. But also the financial support of those who understand the need for a red, revolutionary and Labor press.

If there was a time to contribute to DCO, this time is now. Any contribution, big or small, makes a huge difference. Support DCO with R $ 20.00 values. Thanks.

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