Ford tests vehicle parcel delivery system in UK SEGS

Ford tests vehicle parcel delivery system in UK SEGS

Ford’s pilot project in partnership with Hermes uses the Ford Pass app for vehicle remote controls

– A unique token will be generated to unlock the trunk within 300 meters of the dealer’s address.
– This system makes life easier for those who have already returned to work or do not want to be interrupted during the home office

Ford has teamed up with Hermes, one of the largest parcel companies in the UK, to launch a pilot project that will use the customer’s vehicle as a delivery point – watch the video. By selecting “Safe Delivery in the Vehicle”, the packages are deposited directly into the trunk of the car, which can be opened and closed using the FortPOS app.

The aim is to provide more convenience in online shopping, which continues to grow and already account for 30% of retail sales in the UK. Not only does it make life easier for those who have returned to work face-to-face and no longer receive orders at home, but the system also helps those in the home office who do not want to be interrupted to respond to the door.

Innovation regulates the work of deliverymen so that they can ring the bell, climb stairs or find a neighbor and pick up the package when no one answers.

This is how it works

Launched this month in selected parts of the UK, the new service allows vehicles parked up to 300 meters from the customer’s home address, with the exception of multi – storey or gate car parks. With the expansion of the pilot, the service will be extended to other addresses and include the return of goods in the vehicle.

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When the delivery person arrives within 300 meters of the destination, the exact location of the customer’s vehicle is displayed on the Hermes processor, which creates a unique token to unlock the shaft. If he is unable to lock the vehicle after delivery, it will be locked automatically after the specified time.

All remote controls are activated by the permissions granted by the customer via FortPass. Delivery will take place at the apartment if the vehicle is more than 300 meters from the specified address or if the package is too large to fit in the trunk.

The area also includes Ford’s partnership with Hermes in intelligent software and an autonomous vehicle research project linking call and van delivery trucks for urban deliveries.

Mark Hervey, Ford’s Europe’s Business Connectivity Director, says:

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