FGTS: Caixa launches 5 installments; See how to withdraw

FGTS: Caixa launches 5 installments;  See how to withdraw

As the epidemic continues to spread in the country, many workers have chosen to withdraw from the (Unemployment Guarantee Fund) FGTS. One way to access a portion of the fund’s value is to choose birthday loot That still provides for the payment of five installments this year.

across the birthday loot Each worker may have a share in the fund, in amounts dependent on the total amount saved.

If the extra money is interesting during the crisis we are facing, the worker may also lose the right to withdraw the entire FGTS from the dismissed company.

This is because there are two ways of FGTSHey birthday loot (which publishes a part every year) and withdrawal withdrawal (This can only be used when an employee is fired without just cause).

Thus, termination payments are usually paid to the worker, but the worker will not have immediate access, if they choose to opt out. It is important to remember that after joining a withdrawal birthday, it is only possible to return to a withdrawal withdrawal after two years.

FGTS Birthday Draw Application Deadline

To choose to receive money from FGTS 2021 for the birthday of withdrawal, the worker has until the last day of his birthday month to request it. In other words, those born in August, for example, have until August 31 to apply for an advance payment.

Therefore, whoever was born between January and July will only be able to change and choose to plunder Christmas in 2022.

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It is important to remember the following:

  • Choosing to withdraw the FGTS 2021 is not mandatory;
  • After choosing the method, the person loses the right to withdraw the amounts deposited upon termination if he is dismissed;
  • The minimum stay on the birthday of the drawing is two years, as of the date of accession;
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loot birthday calendar

  • August birthdays: You can opt out from August to October;
  • Birthdays in September: Can withdraw from September to November;
  • October birthdays: can withdraw from October to December;
  • birthdays in november: can withdraw from november to january 2022;
  • December birthdays: Can withdraw from December to February 2022;

Check the table of values ​​to pull the date of birth

FGTS balance The percentage that can be withdrawn The value of the additional premium
Up to 500 BRL 50% There is no additional premium
From 500.01 Brazilian Real to One thousand Brazilian Real 40% 50 BRL
From 1000.01 BRL to 5000 BRL 30% 150 BRL
From 5000.01 Brazilian Real to 10 thousand Brazilian Real 20% 20% 650 BRL
From 10000.01 Brazilian Real to 15 thousand Brazilian Real 15th% 1,150 BRL
From 15,000.01 BRL to 20,000 BRL 10% 1,900 BRL
Above 20,000.01 BRL 5% 2,900 BRL

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