Fear of arrest and confiscation of planes drives Maduro from the summit of CELAC

Fear of arrest and confiscation of planes drives Maduro from the summit of CELAC

venezuela president, Nicolas MaduroHe canceled his trip to Argentina for a summit Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Allegedly having a plan of aggression against his delegation. According to analysts, the Fear of arrest and the confiscation of his plane may have influenced his decision.

Rumors about the cancellation began on Monday, when the twosome met with the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva It was canceled and removed from the PT’s agenda. Caracas had requested a change of plans, citing security problems already.

The Venezuelan government said, “In the past few hours, we were informed of a plan developed in the heart of the neo-fascist right, aimed at carrying out a series of attacks on our delegation led by the President of the Republic.” , justifying Maduro’s absence from the meeting, which will be attended by Lula (Brazil), Luis Arce (Bolivia), Gabriel Boric (Chile), Xiomara Castro (Honduras), Mario Abdo Benitez (Paraguay) and Gustavo Petro (Colombia).

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accompanies protesters at the Chavista rally against sanctions imposed on the country, in Caracas
take photo: Rainer Peña R./EFE – 01/23/2023

Analysts believe that the real reason why Maduro stopped traveling Be fearful of the cold siege. Existing International arrest warrant against the head of state of Chavista Issued by the United States, and precisely for this reason, the president only travels to another country when he is sure that he will not be caught by the local authorities. In addition, the Argentine Congress has an opposition majority, and this may increase the chorus to arrest Maduro.

“If Maduro did not travel to Argentina, it was because he did not have guarantees that he would not be arrested and sent to the United States. It is also necessary to assess the path that the plane will take to reach Argentine territory and whether it will cross other countries, to obtain a guarantee from these countries that The plane can get through and you don’t have to land. You have to take all of that into account when you travel,” he explained to Estadao Venezuelan lieutenant Jose Antonio Collina, who fled Venezuela in 2004 and lives in the United States.

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Last week, when it was announced that Maduro was invited to the CELAC summit, representatives of the Argentine opposition began demonstrating against the trip and calling for Chavista’s arrest on charges of crimes against humanity.

The Venezuelan government’s statement indicates an attempt to tarnish Venezuela’s image. “They intend to make a deplorable show in order to upset the positive effects of such an important regional meeting and thus contribute to the discrediting of – and the failure of – the campaign waged against our country by the American Empire.”

Next to First Lady Celia Flores (left), Nicolás Maduro speaks in Caracas
Next to First Lady Celia Flores (left), Nicolás Maduro speaks in Caracas take photo: Federico Parra / AFP – 01/23/2023

Argentina holds the interim presidency of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, and therefore, the summit will be held this Tuesday in Buenos Aires. In a press conference, Lula and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez commented on the situation in Venezuela and the call for Maduro. “The CELAC summit brings together leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean, and therefore, all member states are invited… We don’t have any veto power, nor do we want to. The presence of the presidents of Cuba and Venezuela is a matter of concern,” Fernandez said. for the media rather than for the members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.”

Asked about Maduro’s status, Lula demanded respect for peoples’ self-determination and said that Venezuela’s internal problems should be resolved “with dialogues, not with threats of invasion.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil and three other diplomats arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday to represent Venezuela at the Summit. For political analyst Eric Del Buffalo, a professor at Simón Bolivar University, abolition ends up as “positive for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.” Nobody wants to be portrayed alongside Maduro, not even those who are supposed to be his allies. For Venezuela, it is a disaster and we now need to see the repercussions.”

According to First Lieutenant Collina, the Venezuelan government will still need to make the trip on an aircraft flying the Argentine flag and not the Venezuelan one, as is customary. “To go there safely, I have to fly on an Argentine-flagged plane because I might be stopped in international airspace if I’m on a Venezuelan-flagged plane.”

Another concern from Caracas when traveling on a Venezuelan-flagged plane, according to the military, is the confiscation of the plane. This made everything more difficult and dubious in terms of guarantees for Maduro. “

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