The President of Peru is accused of leaving his post vacant for 12 days to undergo plastic surgery

The President of Peru is accused of leaving his post vacant for 12 days to undergo plastic surgery

Peru's interim president, Dina Boluarte, is embroiled in a new controversy. Following the issue of undisclosed Rolex watches and jewelry in April, the Peruvian magazine Hildebrandt in his trilogy It is revealed that the Head of State was absent for nearly two weeks between June and July 2023 to undergo plastic surgery, leaving the presidency without an alternative.

Dina Boluarte, who took over Peru's interim government after Pedro Castillo's dismissal, was reportedly absent for 12 days during which she underwent rhinoplasty and anti-aging treatments. The problem is that the president did not formally delegate her powers during her absence.

Opposition MP Ruth Locke denounced “obstructing the constitution.” She requested access to Bolwarti's diaries and other documents that would allow her to determine the truth of the case. On the government side, ministers deny the absence and defend “the president’s right to privacy.”

“It is clear that private decisions can have an impact on public decisions, and especially in the case of Dina Boluarte, it is important to know who took care of the presidency, what decisions were made, and whether a medical license was provided. We are “We face a presidency without vice-presidents, and for this reason, exercising the presidency requires a greater degree of responsibility and respect for the Constitution.”

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The president did not officially delegate his powers during the period of absence
A defining moment for Peru

The president's surgery was supposed to be purely cosmetic, according to several sources reported by the Peruvian press. The newspapers claim that Dina Bolwarti did not like how she looked in the photos, which is why she turned to Mario Capani Ravelo, the famous plastic surgeon who takes care of celebrities.

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The president was absent at a critical moment for the country, when a draft anti-corruption law was being discussed.

Posts comparing the president's appearance before and after plastic surgery are widespread on social media.

Baluarte, who had already been embroiled in another controversy over a line of undisclosed luxury watches, which became known as the “Rolexgate,” further lost his credibility in the eyes of Peruvians. More than 88% disapprove of his policies. Moreover, data on the economic situation in the country has just been published, revealing that more than 30% of Peru's population lives below the poverty line. This level is no less important than it was during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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