Farm Poll 2021: Partial result of resident votes

Farm Poll 2021: Partial result of resident votes

“The Thirteenth Farm” with A poll of who should stay in the competition between Solange Gomes, Aline Mineiro and Valentina Francavila In full swing since Rico won the Farmer’s Taste on Wednesday (17). With more voters compared to previous polls, The sun is the best way to stay.

The former Gugu bathtub wiggled during the day With about 50% of the vote, staying at 44.95%. Ellen Mineiro has 41.70% and Valentina Francavilla is eliminated as much as possible It received less than 15% of the vote (13.36%), especially after the events of the day in which it was pointed out as false.

The poll is from the “Yol” portal and already includes more than 15,000 voters. In previous swiddens, the speculation was correct in a row, with the exception of the eighth, the most recent, where polls indicated Tiago Piquilo was eliminated by a majority and Dayane Mello was eliminated, but the citizen ended up leaving.

Aline and Rich Farmer promised a busy week if they asked to return from the countryside: “Everything is on fire”

before Rico Melquiades is back from the spotlight as a farmer, in Roseros Classic Dynamics on Wednesday, chat with Aline Mineiro while tending the horses the morning after field formation.

Friends made a kind of prophecy. Aline Mineiro fell right into the fields after being nominated by Gui Araújo, who later passed the farmer’s hat to Rico. The model was also banned from racing.

“Have you ever thought if I become a farmer I will come back?” , Allen wondered in conversation with the comedian, after he said he was going to change the game and that he “wake up” after the field. Rico Melquiades, who is seen as the protagonist of gravity, bounced back.

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“My friend, I am a farmer and you will come back [da roça]The judgment will be ours. “And you win the lamp,” the influencer commented. “Then we roll up and light everything up,” Allen agreed.

How the Swedes were formed and Diane Melo got rid of the liquidation of ‘A Fazenda 13’

Aline Mineiro was rejected from the Farmer’s Test because Valentina Francavilla was being protected by MC Gui. The Italian teamed up with the funk player, her friend Diane Melo and Dinho Alves, who is still unaware that he has divorced abroad.

A former stage assistant for Mouse takes the third seat on the farm because Day is saved by Dynho’s yellow torch. The model was pulled by Rico Melquiades, the most-voted in the house, and will appear on a field long-awaited by fans.

In his place, Valentina entered and was rejected by Sol, but not for long, as she was able to compete for the hat with the power of the red flame.

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